A strange addiction

For the past year or so I have been wondering why I keep photographing Red Grouse. I was looking into my key-wording and I must have nearly 2000 images of these smashing, but somewhat in my opinion comical, birds and so to the  other day when the light was bringing out the reds, pinks and oranges on the moor, I thought to myself I know I will go and check out some new habitat that looks good fro Grouse. It was then that I questioned myself and thought “why surely its time for something else”.

It wasn’t and off I went to get some more Red Grouse shots. What can I say? Maybe I just wanted my regular fix of quizzical grouse behaviour. Either way I took some shots and returned home happy. Sometimes its just that simple.

All change

Summer has passed by without really getting started, but that means Autumn and then Winter, my favourite season, are not long away. Enjoying photography in soft light can lead to many unsociable hours in the field over Summer, so the start of shorter days is always a bit of a relief! It’s time to restock the feeding stations and start tempting the Red Squirrels and Crested Tits back for the winter workshops as well as enjoying the phenomenal colours that seem to abound at this time of year.