All change

Summer has passed by without really getting started, but that means Autumn and then Winter, my favourite season, are not long away. Enjoying photography in soft light can lead to many unsociable hours in the field over Summer, so the start of shorter days is always a bit of a relief! It’s time to restock the feeding stations and start tempting the Red Squirrels and Crested Tits back for the winter workshops as well as enjoying the phenomenal colours that seem to abound at this time of year.

Watching and waiting

I recently visited my buddy Mark’s, Kingfisher hide to photograph what is probably the most photographed bird in the British Isles. I spent several hours watching the Kingfishers feeding, preening and at times interacting with each other. What struck me most was that as a photographer we get remarkable insights into the range of activities that our subjects go through everyday. To observe an animal from dawn until dusk, watching every moment, creates a unique perspective that you don’t get from ten minutes in a hide at a nature reserve or a walk through the woods. I often wonder how to pass the time in hides – I recently asked fellow photographers on Twitter what they do – reading, googling and even sleeping were the most common tweets. Spending hours in an uncomfortable hide isn’t for everyone – I still have aches in some funny places – but being able to witness behaviour so intimately is reward in itself. I still have a few thousand images to go through, but with or without images the experience was worth the discomfort