In hiding

A busy period is nearly over with three weeks complete on Mull and several spring workshops complete, just as another hectic month is underway. It has been a really productive time and our clients have provided some great feedback and posed some interesting questions. I also got a fair amount of stick for not keeping the blog up to date so I will try and make sure that it is worth calling in more frequently to check on our latest updates and come out of hiding…

… well almost. I have had the time to start putting in a new hide at the foot of the garden alongside the winter wader scrape. So far I have been using a temporary hide, but work has just begun digging a new hide in to the ground to minimise disturbance and maximise comfort. I have spent a fair few hours out there already and have had several curious Grey Herons pay me a visit.

I had previously found the Herons to be cautious but the beauty of the hide is that it is possible to photograph them as they patrol the shore and scrape and get a range of natural shots in good light.

The BTO have also been over to ring some of the waders that roost in the garden and managed to catch a number of birds at the end of April – mainly Oystercatcher and Bar Tailed Godwit as well as Reshank. Interestingly, one of our Curlews had been previously rung 18 years ago in Helsinki. It will be exciting to see what develops in time.

The final mini-project underway is for our garage nesting Swallows, but more on that soon.