Otter around town

I was tipped off by the good people at Highland Wildlife Tours about an Otter very close to home. In fact I could see it on occasion from my bedroom window!
I spent several hours watching this beautiful animal catch small fish in the River Ness, until she took off at great speed. She came back with a Lamprey (a rare, parasitic marine/aquatic animal with a toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth). Not only that but she was so close I couldn’t fit her all in the frame. An incredible moment.
If that wasn’t special enough, the Otter shared a very intimate moment. After storing the massive Lamprey in a bush the Otter retrieved two kits from the bank and took them into the holt to share the meal. My hair was literally standing on end as the moment unfolded. Perhaps a once in a lifetime moment.
Fantastic to see these urban Otters being so successful. They seem to have disappeared for the time being but I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled in future.