Winter is on the way

This week has seen the first snowfall in the Highlands and the peaks are looking stunning with their snowy caps above golden autumnal forests. We’re busy restocking the feeders and looking forward to photographing Crested Tits in the snow again this winter. If you would like to join us please check out our winter photography workshops.


Urban Foxes

Recently I was in Southern England, preparing for a trip to Poland (watch this space), and was asked if I would be interested in photographing a family of Foxes that visit the gardens in the area. The Foxes are fed daily on some small titbits and whilst used to human presence they are still naturally wary.

The foxes are fed within a small area and it it great to be able to watch them so closely as they interact with each other and others animals.

Much maligned in the press Foxes are opportunists that have adapted remarkably well to Human behaviour. Still wild and wary they are habitually crepuscular, meaning that peak sightings are in the evening when Foxes search for food.

Thanks to Sue, Robin and most of all Trevor.