Black Grouse, heads up

Just a quick note that our Black Grouse photography workshops sold out in 2011 and we have several on the waiting list for 2012. In fact we could have sold this years spaces three times over so if you would like to come please contact us so that we can reserve you a space.

Looks better bigger...


It’s a first

Only a reference to our local Greater Sand Plover – the 15th ever record in the Britain, but the 1st for the Highlands. Having a bit of a thing for waders I could not resist the temptation to make the short trip to Dornoch to see this fabulous bird. A great place to visit with a variety of other waders including Sanderling, Dunlin and Ringed Plover all in sparkling summer plumage.

Fortunately the Plover also put on a good show…  before the rain came

Just get out there

Spending so much time out in the field touring and guiding can lead to the occasional bout of apathy, so I have to remind myself to just get out there. I tend look for somewhere new and just go and explore and see what happens. Having not seen much and feeling happy to have reconnected with the good stuff going on; Wheatears feeding young, ugly Oystercatcher chicks – that kind of thing…

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this beautiful Long Eared Owl  sat under the canopy next to the road. I slowed down. Engine off. Lights Off. Window down. And he sat and watched!

Click for larger viewer (recommended)

I was shooting handheld at 1/15s but managed to get a couple of decent ones.

I tried to reverse the car to move the leaves covering his face but the engine spooked him and he flew off. I will be back in the coming weeks and was just pleased to have got back into the swing of things with a bang.

Still feels like my lucky day

Within walking distance

As often as I can I encourage myself to photograph what I can within walking distance of the cottage. I am always amazed by the opportunities that abound within just a mile or two of home. Sometimes I also just take one lens, such as the wide angle or the macro, to encourage creativity and look at the world in a different way.

Just as I was about to give up I spotted this Orange Tip resting on the Bluebells.

Click on the image to see a larger version