When the North wind blows!

An impromptu trip to the coast led me to take a look in at Bempton for the first time this year. On arrival the car door nearly blew off and I got soaked just walking to the centre. I nearly turned back, but I had a strong feeling the there could be some interesting sites if I could make it to the cliff edge. I was blown over several times on the walk up to Jubilee, but I was impressed by the gannets and kittiwakes that were showing very close. They were making amazing shapes as they tried to land on the cliffs. I stayed far longer than expected and it was only when I left I realised what a great spectacle I had witnessed. I was very lucky, because of the weather, I had the cliffs all to myself. Luxury!







This one is on a crash course I’m afraid!





Coming Home to Roost

I have been fortunate recently to spend an afternoon or two with Michael Flowers who has a knowledge of East Yorkshire that is second to none. It’s great to meet people like Michael who are really passionate about the nature right outside their own front door. For me this image captures our time perfectly and I hope illustrates that urban shots can still be quite interesting.


Earlier we were lucky enough to see this Hen Harrier hunting over some coastal Marshes.



Sometimes it is possible to get images right under your nose. Swans and ducks exist on pretty much any public body of water and can often make for interesting subjects. Someone recently asked if they could have an enlarged print of this shot to hang in their loo! I think that may be a backhanded compliment