Mersey Marmite

I love going home to visit family. Not only do I always get well looked after (thanks sis!), but the photographic opportunities are amazing all the way along the coast. Ainsdale is my favourite spot, especially when a tide of more than 9 meters is forecast in the morning. There are hundreds of thousands of waders such as Godwits, Oystercatchers, Knot and Grey Plover.


The weather forecast turned out to be wrong (again), and the morning was much gloomier than anticipated. I thought I would take the opportunity to play around with some settings to try and capture the movement and sense of occasion. The birds really do whir and with all the dog walkers they are constantly pushed up and down endless miles of sandy beach.


These sort of shots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they remind me of that morning when I was allowed to share some memorable moments with the immense flocks of waders.





Autumn Colour

Autumn provides so many opportunities to make otherwise standard images a bit more dynamic. The light is much gentler at this time of year and normally featureless backgrounds are given a real boost. This Kingfisher obliged over a stream backlit by trees changing colour.
The low light also helps to shoot birds that are normally quite tricky as they hunt against the sky. The Kestrel kept me entertained for several minutes although the pipits and wagtails I was trying to capture didn’t seem too pleased.