Winter Wildlife Photography Workshops in the Highlands, Scotland

Just a a quick heads up to let you know the dates are starting to fill for our winter workshops. We will aim to photograph a range of species in the stunning winter Cairngorms.

“Being an experienced photographer, my reasons for selecting this tour was the opportunity to photograph specific species. ebirder were excellent in their knowledge on how and where to get the opportunity to photograph these. Friendly, expert company, location, location, location, great accomodation.” Matt. Winter Workshop 2011

Last winter we photographed a range of species including;

Crested Tit, Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting, Long Tailed Duck, Mountain Hare, King Eider, Great Grey Shrike, Capercaillie, Golden Eagle (wild), Red Grouse and Red Deer. One lucky guest even managed a shot of Gyrfalcon an ultra rare visitor from the North (well done Peter!)

You can find out more about our winter tours by following this link


Just a Coot

I was out and about the other day when another photographer stopped and asked me what I was photographing. I pointed out the water birds and the light reflecting onto the loch. The other snapper shrugged and said “Ah, that’s just a Coot” and walked off. Okay, so its not a Lion or a Golden Eagle, but photography can’t always be about the same, ‘premier’ subjects.

On reflection, getting out and looking for common often underrated subjects can be far more rewarding and gives much more satisfaction than another shot of that sought after but often over photographed species.

I’ve been neglecting the Jackdaws and Hoodies in the garden for far too long…