Bits and bobs

A couple of pictures not yet posted…
Med Gulls in the snow at Holbeck
An obliging (for once) Lesser Pecker

Rough Legged Buzzard

I have made two trips for the Pocklington Rough Legs, with Jim and Keith – thanks chaps. We managed to score on both visits, but the views on the second visit were staggering. Although the bird flew across the sun I managed to switch into full manual mode and grab a few images, which have come out nicely backlit with good feather detail. In total I think I have seen three out of the four present along with a fine supporting cast. A site worth a second (or maybe third ) visit.
And the one that took the breath away!

Lincs return

With some nicer weather forecast I returned to the North Lincs coast for seconds of the shrike. Without the crowds present the bird could be seen much more clearly than on the previous trip although this was mainly due to the calmer conditions.
And a nice sunset picture to boot!
Donations welcome!
Just a touch further a long the coast was an equally obliging Desert Wheatear;
Finally we called in at Donna Nook for the much less appealing Glonk feeding on seal after birth. Hmmm, tasty.


Two barred two times

I made a return journey for the North Yorks two barred today hoping that the weekends bedlam was over and the bird wou;d co – operate. And it did – almost. I had the idea for the waterbath shot on Saturday but the sun never broke through at quite the right time. Still I got some better images than Saturday (when the ISO was 1000!).
Later I got ‘stopped and searched’ by the police for no apparent reason. Still first time for everything. They actually stated I was acting suspiciously with a camera near a British Nuclear Facility. Took them a while to be convinced I was not a terrorist.
Here’s the crosser;

Pied Piper

It was only three weeks since I had visited Reighton Sands with Jim and earmarked the location as a migrant trap than I returned to twitch a Pied Wheatear. The wind today was so strong it is hard to imagine how close we were to being blown over. Eventually it was clear the bird was feeding in a circuit and with careful positioning the bird would come and visit us every 30 minutes before going on it’s way. Not a male, but okay all the same.

Three bird scoop

Late Friday news broke of a Steppe Grey Shrike near Donna Nook, a quick call to Steve and we were off in the small hours of Saturday. There was also news of a Two Barred Crossbill in Yorkshire so the discussion had been around what bird to see and what to do if we dipped. We arrived at the shrike shortly after 8 and the bird performed so well it was untrue. At times it came to feed at our feet and was often too close to focus. The only shame was the light, which was very dull. Still I managed some shots.
With the shrike UTB wmade the snap decision to make the trip to Bilsdale to get the Two Barred Crosser. Emotions must have been high! So we set off and after 2 1/2 hours we made it and after a further 20 minute hike we were on site. Greeted my negative news we decied to stick it out. Then news of the Canvasback at nosterfield broke. Blimey! What a day. Anyone the crosser eventually came to show and after asking the crowd to move backwards the bird again performed. Another lifer and more great views.
So with the second target in the bag we dashed to the Canvasback. It was a slight anticlimax as the bird, in my opinion, is well dodgy. See what you think.
The positives;
The dubious pictures…
Anyway it’s not on my list.

Spurn and East Yorks

I sopent a day mainly dippng a Raddes Warbler at Easington, although I did find two Pallas’s Warblers at Holmpton and possible Eastern Whitethroat. Makes the Autumn total of self found Pallas’s to five which is pretty good considering I only managed threee yellow browed.
Migrants getting there fill;
I have also been on the scout for a new Barn Owl site for the winter and I may have streuck lucky…