Canny waders…

… was what the old boy taking pictures next to me said and he wasn’t wrong. I had received a call earlier that it was worth getting up to Northumberland as there were loads of waders showing really well. So other than a quick stop en route for a Red Backed Shrike and on the way home for a Subalpine Warbler the day was spent photographing some canny waders.
These stunning curlew sandpipers showed as close as ten feet (crazy commando fieldcraft involved!)
They were mixed into a flock of equally tame dunlin


And a fearless ruff (or reeve) came over to investigate.


It was the first time the sun had shone for a long time and the difference was immense – lets hope for some more bright days!


Another day on the coast

This time of year the coast really comes into its own and the light seems to improve with each passing day. I think this Kestrel really emphasises the point as it was taken at practically midday, yet the yellows have come out really nicely.
Female Kestrel
There were plenty of migrants in the hedgerow at Old Fall, Flamborough including an Icterine Warbler or two. Below I have record shots of spotted flycatcher, pied flycatcher and wheatear.
With the light improving all the time I headed to my favourite spot at Filey and I managed to get some nice soft images as the sun continued to burn through. This time Oystercatchers and a Turnstone