East and West

So much of our wildlife in autumn can be affected by the weather. Just one week ago I was searching the sea from the North Wirral looking for seabirds. There was not a lot out there and just when all hope had gone and it was time to head home – another look along the coast and right on the beach is a Sabines Gull! Not the most striking of birds but an incredibly difficult one to photograph.



Then the winds changed and the weather brightened and an early start found me on the coast. The day was fantastic and started well by finding a Barred Warbler  in a set of willow trees that ‘always have a rare bird’ according to Jim – well he wasn’t wrong. Later on an Osprey flew straight overhead along with many common migrants.


I received a call late on in the day that the light in Filey Bay was incredible. I was at the end of the Brigg and faced a dilemma of whether to stay or go. The call came through again, ‘the glow around these Sanderlings is almost radioactive!’. This I had to see. Many thanks to Graham for urging me to check out the amazing light, textures and colours.




Probably my favourite.



Jim’s just rung ‘Interested in seeing some badgers?’


I’m on my way….