Going Dotty

My good friend Gary had wanted to see the Dotterel for years and we had arranged trips for the last two or three years. Unfortunately the weather has always beaten. Until this year. We headed up to the Cairngorms and after an anxious walk up we found a ‘trip’ of Dotterel quite easily and quickly too.

What happened next really stuck with me. Gary was so excited to see a Dotterel he couldn’t hold the camera steady – even on a tripod. This made me smile and also feel a tad envious. How fantastic to be that overwhelmed by seeing such a beautiful bird that it leads a grown man to go weak at the knees.

Needless yo say the excitement died down and in the end Gary retained his composure to get some fantastic shots. And of course the Dotterel are often tame and behave like they do and afforded some incredibly close views – sometimes too close.

Female Dotterel