Just a Coot

I was out and about the other day when another photographer stopped and asked me what I was photographing. I pointed out the water birds and the light reflecting onto the loch. The other snapper shrugged and said “Ah, that’s just a Coot” and walked off. Okay, so its not a Lion or a Golden Eagle, but photography can’t always be about the same, ‘premier’ subjects.

On reflection, getting out and looking for common often underrated subjects can be far more rewarding and gives much more satisfaction than another shot of that sought after but often over photographed species.

I’ve been neglecting the Jackdaws and Hoodies in the garden for far too long…


3 thoughts on “Just a Coot

  1. I myself rather enjoy the old coots. And recently, while vacationing in a far off land, I realized that the coots on the other side of the ocean are not the coots I know, but an entirely different species. And while I was very excited to see their coots, I know that if one of the coots that I knew had showed up on their shores, they would have gone crackers over it. What’s boring to someone else, especially placed in the right context, is spell binding for others. Huzzah for the Coots! And keep snapping, especially when the light is so nice

  2. There’s no such thing as “just a …….” regarding any animal in nature, they each and all have their niches in nature – just as we do. The colour of the head and body, bright eyes and bill of Coots in particular really attract me and they are always good photographaphic subjects. House Sparrows are fairly common, but even with them there is always the possibility of a lovely shot, and their plumage, especially on the back always reminds me of Snipes.

    A lovel shot above!


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