Just get out there

Spending so much time out in the field touring and guiding can lead to the occasional bout of apathy, so I have to remind myself to just get out there. I tend look for somewhere new and just go and explore and see what happens. Having not seen much and feeling happy to have reconnected with the good stuff going on; Wheatears feeding young, ugly Oystercatcher chicks – that kind of thing…

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this beautiful Long Eared Owl  sat under the canopy next to the road. I slowed down. Engine off. Lights Off. Window down. And he sat and watched!

Click for larger viewer (recommended)

I was shooting handheld at 1/15s but managed to get a couple of decent ones.

I tried to reverse the car to move the leaves covering his face but the engine spooked him and he flew off. I will be back in the coming weeks and was just pleased to have got back into the swing of things with a bang.

Still feels like my lucky day


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