Splashing around

I’ve been spending as much time as possible time lately with the local group of Bottle Nose Dolphins that reside in the Moray Firth. I am fortunate that these mammals can be seen less than a mile from home so I can make trips there quite easily. It’s fantastic watching the impact Dolphin’s have on anyone watching and it is so rewarding to see first hand how people can engage with nature and hopefully how this in turn can promote conservation. If you would like to find out more about Dolphin conservation please visit the whale and dolphin conservation society or the adopt a dolphin website. If you like looking at Dolphin pictures and would like to see what a true Dolphin fanatic does with his time please visit Charlie Phillips’ website. He also runs the adopt a dolphin blog which has up to date sightings and even more stunning pictures
Support is very important because even in light of the BP disaster the UK government is about to start drilling INSIDE the conservation area of the Moray Firth. Read more here.
I have also been running a series of workshops to photograph the Dolphins and sometimes the performances have been just incredible.
This playful youngster is called Breeze.
‘Breeze’ with her mother ‘Zephyr’
"Spy Hopping" behaviour
Taking a different view on the world!
I will shortly be writing an article on how to get some shots of these cracking creatures (even in the terrible light we’ve had lately!) so watch this space…!
And finally here’s a montage of ID748 catching a fish with much delight!
Please click here if you are interested in finding out more about joining us to photograph the Dolphins

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