Snatching a moment

April and May have been incredibly busy. Fine weather and some spring migrants have meant that I have been out at all hours with 15 to 17 hour hour days becoming the norm. Spring arrived in the Highlands with good numbers of Wheatears, Tree Pipits, Redstarts, Ospreys, Cuckoos and Whinchats all to be found in appropriate habitat. Waders in dapper summer plumage abound and then of course we had our tours to Mull – full trip reports to come soon I promise .

For now here are some snaps taken when the opportunity arose in between workshops, tours and preparations.


Black Grouse – Article coming soon on where to photograph these fantastic grouse – watch this space!

Oystercatcher, sitting quietly for once…
Northern Wheatear, this female perched in the wind in front of the heather. Great to have them back.
Lapwings, pretty common in the fields up here. Chasing away any would be friends and foes from the nesting areas.
Golden Plover in sparkling summer plumage
Great to have these Barn Swallows chattering over the fields
June is looking as busy as May with several mountain surveys to come and news on the bird that ebirder are proud to sponsor in conjunction with the BTO… keep coming back for a peek

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