Fuente Flamingos

I was recently provided with a wonderful opportunity to spend some time in Andalucia photographing some incredible water birds. Our base for the week was near Fuente about one hour north of Malaga. Despite an incredible amount of rain in the area this winter there were still plenty of amazing sights, and we had timed our visit to coincide with the spring migrant passage.
As my friends and workshop attendees will identify I like to use utilise the light during dawn and dusk. However, most I also love my bed! So it was with great delight that we found the sun rose at 8am, enabling both a lie in and the opportunity to photograph at dawn every day.
Most of my thoughts before the trip were how to get the flamingos in the sunset and sunrise and with the amazing light during our trip there were no shortage of wonderful opportunities. 
Imagine the scene – my first sunset at Fuente – WOW!
Fuente de Piedra Lagoons are nationally important for a range of wildfowl, but it is the Flamingo that really captures the imagination.
Firstly there are about 20000 of them during peak times! They are very obvious and can be heard as well as seen (and smelt) from quite some diatance
As the sun sets and rises pink shadows and shapes move across the sky and reflect in the water
It is during those golden hours that things get interesting.
It was with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to such incredible colours. This really is a special place and one I would thoroughly recommend visiting.
If there is enough interest we will run a workshop in 2011 to photograph these wonderful creatures. Please let us know if you are interested.
Not just Flamingos!
A Superb supporting cast, which we managed to get shots of when not looking at the Flamingos .
Cattle Egrets at Dawn
Crossbill feeding young. An intimate moment that delighted the group.
Red Rumped Swallows – everywhere, and great fun to photograph

(check out the fly in this shot!)

CornBuntings were much commoner now than they are in the UK.
Woodchat Shrikes were seen very frequently, and the odd one posed for us.
Talking of posers these Stonechats were superb show offs.
And an Orange Tip…
Thanks for looking – please feel free to comment in the guestbook


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