It’s been a while…

Firstly apologies for the long break between blog entries – the severe Highland weather disrupted our internet connection for a long time, and it still is!
Competition winners
2009 ended well with a variety of images chosen in the inagaural Wildlife Extra Competition sponsored by Paramo

Reptiles & amphibians – Overall winner Marcus Conway.


What the judges said:

"It’s Marcus again; he bothered to get down and dirty to get this snake. It is beautifully captured in its proper environment and makes me want to warn him not to step on it. Too often these shots are supposedly wild but taken in tanks or drums. That sort of misleading nonsense has no place in a competition like this. Nice work Marcus …. again."

Taken at Hatfield, South Yorkshire on a Canon EOS-1D mark II N


A number of images made the shortlist in the birds category, including two Puffin shots. One of these also won the runner up spot in the Birds category:


Birds – runner up – Marcus Conway


"Puffin with sand eels’ on paper is uninspiring. The photo is anything but. The crop is so bold, so audacious, it made me gasp, and I love the backlighting also."

Taken on the Farne Islands on a Canon EOS-30D


I have also been delighted to collaborate with Birdguides, the UK’s most visited birdwatching website on a series of articles that aim to help photographers and birders see some of the finest species from the Scottish Highlands

The first article focusses on the Crested Tit. I will add it to the site in due course, but feel free to click here to see the article today!



I will be updating the blog more frequently again over the coming weeks so please check in again soon. Thanks for your patience!






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