April is widely known to be one of the best months for snakes as they become more active without being too hot and hypercharged. It is also a time to look for mates and rivals! I have spent several days at a South Yorkshire site trying to get some images. It is quite difficult because the habitat which snakes love if full of twigs and other distractions. I thought I would try and use this to my advantage to try and give a shot the feeling of the habitat.
This cracking female was particularly obliging – note the frosty eye may indicate that a she is due to shed her skin.

This head only shot really captures the character of adders in my opinion. It was the kind of shot I was after.
There was plenty of action, and this female had not gone unnoticed by some rampant males. This male was in attendance.
But, it was this darker male that went for the female, and the adders ‘danced’ for the next hour.
As if that wasn’t enough action a Grass Snake nearly wandered across the wrong path. Here you can just about see the grasss snake and adder in the same shot. A stand off ensued for what felt like several minutes. Both snakes tasting the air until the grass snake finally backed down and slinked off.

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