Three bird scoop

Late Friday news broke of a Steppe Grey Shrike near Donna Nook, a quick call to Steve and we were off in the small hours of Saturday. There was also news of a Two Barred Crossbill in Yorkshire so the discussion had been around what bird to see and what to do if we dipped. We arrived at the shrike shortly after 8 and the bird performed so well it was untrue. At times it came to feed at our feet and was often too close to focus. The only shame was the light, which was very dull. Still I managed some shots.
With the shrike UTB wmade the snap decision to make the trip to Bilsdale to get the Two Barred Crosser. Emotions must have been high! So we set off and after 2 1/2 hours we made it and after a further 20 minute hike we were on site. Greeted my negative news we decied to stick it out. Then news of the Canvasback at nosterfield broke. Blimey! What a day. Anyone the crosser eventually came to show and after asking the crowd to move backwards the bird again performed. Another lifer and more great views.
So with the second target in the bag we dashed to the Canvasback. It was a slight anticlimax as the bird, in my opinion, is well dodgy. See what you think.
The positives;
The dubious pictures…
Anyway it’s not on my list.

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