Canny waders…

… was what the old boy taking pictures next to me said and he wasn’t wrong. I had received a call earlier that it was worth getting up to Northumberland as there were loads of waders showing really well. So other than a quick stop en route for a Red Backed Shrike and on the way home for a Subalpine Warbler the day was spent photographing some canny waders.
These stunning curlew sandpipers showed as close as ten feet (crazy commando fieldcraft involved!)
They were mixed into a flock of equally tame dunlin


And a fearless ruff (or reeve) came over to investigate.


It was the first time the sun had shone for a long time and the difference was immense – lets hope for some more bright days!


2 thoughts on “Canny waders…

  1. Hi Marcus
    you have a good eye for a photo and the new lens will really allow your pics to shine. I love the wader pics, epecially the ones with the uncluttered background.  The first is a stunner. Doesn\’t a prime lens give a lovely background and \’bite\’ to a pic compared to a zoom? 0.3+ exposure compensation is a good idea for waders but a bit of balanced fill-flash at this time of year works wonders. They don\’t mind! Hope you bought a 580 speedlight along with the new kit.

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