The Farnes

I had been waiting nearly a month for a trip to the Farnes since postpoining a trip in June due to high winds. Frankly I found my first visit to be totaly awesome!!
There are apparently 100000 (yes hunderd thousand) puffins on the isalnd, whilst we didn’t see all of them we must of come quite close….!!! It’s quite hard to reduce shots down from thousands to a few favourites, but I have tried.
Arctic terns are everywhere and present spectacular and sometimes bloodthristy shows!!
They show really when in flight – this is only at 100mm – that’s close.



These two profile pictures are probably my favourites – I can’t rememeber seeing the individual primaries before


Of course one of the big draws of the isaldns are puffins, and these comical penguins were everywhere. I was in heaven.


Puffins fly too!


Also it is possible to get some extreme puffin shots!


Overall these are my favourite puffin pictures.


With all the prey around there are some predaotrs looking for a snack. Like this monster, that’s a kittiwake for lunch. Nature can hit you full in the face sometimes.



The parents ‘wail’ at the loss.


There are other terns on the Farnes too, such as Sandwich, Common and Roseate – these are Sandwich Terns



I suppose the day was just too much for some – I can’t wait for another visit.


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